Time to schedule your spring opening

Our schedule fills up fast. The sooner you schedule the more likely you will get the date you want. Remember, you are better off opening your pool a little early than to late. Your pool should be opened and closed based on the weather conditions and not the calendar. If you open your pool a little early you can run short timer cycles and will only use a little bit of chemicals. If you open to late you may have a swamp to clean up, and it could cost you a lot more than if you had opened it a coupe weeks earlier when it was still crystal clear.

2 thoughts on “Time to schedule your spring opening”

  1. Once the cover is off, before even starting on the pool, you have to take care of the cover. Having to throw away a cover because of mold only happens when you don’t take the time to do things right.

    I use a simply vinyl cover cleaner and after cleaning and drying both sides of the cover, I sprinkle Alkalinity Up or something like it on both sides. This is key.

    After that, I simply fold the cover (loosely), and store it in a dry area.

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