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Winter and Your Swimming Pool

A lot of people think that once they close their Swimming pool and put it to bed that’s is good until spring. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Obviously, it starts with the closing. An improper closing could result in thousand of dollars in repairs cause by freeze damage. It is best to have a pool professional close your pool, but that is a subject for another time.

If you have a solid cover on your pool, when snow and rain collects on it, whether the cover is anchored, automatic or held in place by water bags, the weight of the snow or rain will displace water in your swimming pool, this is completely normal. If this happens it is imperative that you remove the water from your cover as soon as possible and replace the water in your pool. If you don’t, your cover may end up either destroyed or in your pool. In addition, if the water is not replace, if enough hydrostatic pressure were to build up your pool or liner could float.

We do not drain or recommend draining any water out of pools at closing, except for concrete pools to protect the tile line. If the water level were to get to low and ice forms, when that ice shifts it could pull out the winter plugs protecting your plumbing, exposing your plumbing to freeze damage.

water chemistry is also important even over the winter. If you close your pool with water temperatures above 60 degrees or open it after the temperatures are above 60 degrees, even a properly closed pool will be highly susceptible to algae and bacteria growth. So it is important, even during the winter to maintain a proper sanitizer level. In addition, the water chemistry in concrete pools with a plaster finish, can also change dramatically over the winter, especially on newly plastered pools. the PH in all plaster pools will drift up over time. If you have a plaster pool you know this because you constantly have to bring down the PH while the pool is in use. This doesn’t change in winter. I’ve seen many concrete pools that were closed in perfect shape, but when they were opened the finish felt like sand paper because the high PH caused scaling to occur. This can be very time consuming and expensive to correct. This doesn’t have to occur. Checking and adjusting your water chemistry 2 or 3 times during the winter can prevent this. Remember, your system does not have to be running to maintain proper water chemistry. Also remember our store is open through out the year and is available for free water testing.



Pieces and Parts

Now may be the time for you “do it your selfers” to make a mental check list of the parts you told yourself to remember that you would need for the spring to get your pool up and running. Are you missing parts to your pump? Your filter? We stock a great number of parts, but, unfortunately with so many manufacturers and so many models we can’t stock everything. We can, however, order from numerous sources and get any parts we don’t have, hear quickly. Waiting until the last minute can be frustrating, never mind the kids standing there jumping up and down asking “Is it fixed yet? Can we swim yet”? Take a few minutes and go out and look at your equipment. Take charge and order any parts you may need NOW from Admiral Pools LLC, and have a smooth and “non-frustrating” pool opening!

Going Green

The swimming pool industry, like many others has gone green. There are numerous ways you can use a “green” philosophy or technology with your swimming pool. We will touch on different ways in different posts, but today I want to address pumps. A variable speed pump brings you substantial savings in the cost of operating your swimming pool. The motor for a standard swimming pool pump is made with copper windings that can operate either as a single or 2 speed pump. The motor for a variable speed pump consist of magnets made from rare earth elements which allow you to vary the speed of you pump much like you do when using a dimmer on your interior home lights. variable speed pumps also have programmability built into them so, you can program then so they use as little as 10% of the energy of a standard pump, unless you need the full power for cleaning or use of a water feature. Yes variable speed pumps cost considerably more than a standard single speed pump, however, the energy savings will result in a return on investment in approximately 3 years.

If you have an existing pool and your pump is in good shape you can even replace just the motor with a variable speed motor at considerably less cost than replacing the whole pump. what ever your needs are, whether it’s a new pool, a replacement pump or a replacement motor Admiral Pools LLC is here to help you make the right decision and support you in any way we can.


Time to schedule your spring opening

Our schedule fills up fast. The sooner you schedule the more likely you will get the date you want. Remember, you are better off opening your pool a little early than to late. Your pool should be opened and closed based on the weather conditions and not the calendar. If you open your pool a little early you can run short timer cycles and will only use a little bit of chemicals. If you open to late you may have a swamp to clean up, and it could cost you a lot more than if you had opened it a coupe weeks earlier when it was still crystal clear.